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GIMM - realisation
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the GIMM was realised at Uferhallen Berlin June 3rd/4th 2010

supported by
Petethepiratesquid, 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl, Fleischdolls

with six chickens
and Leo, Fiona, Nathalie, Sandra, Ronaldo, Marc, Nikolaus

entrance area with six videostills 80 cm x 100 cm, c-prints behind acrylic glass

Leo welcomes the visitors and explains the rules of the system   
guests on parcours

typical situations while passing the parcours through the hall, including
100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl live
Fiona testing social competence

a guest demonstrating ability for structural working
Fiona measuring body heat

Nathalie on reaction test

the way along the required path and the test for reaction time
Sandra explaining the weight test

accompanying talk at the scales, continuing to the crossroads
inside the installation, in foreground Sandra at the crossroads,
left in the back the projection wagon with Marc as dispatcher,
right the self-help group box

a commented decision between two paths of life
Ronaldo testing sulphur content in breath

test for compatibility in personal network
Petethepiratesquid inside the contractor's shed

Fleischdolls playing live, supporting the individual determined projection
the final station

the GIMM badges, allowing the visitors to judge other participants and establish contact with them